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the fallen tetrastars
Anjali Mittal   (Click for other items by author)

ISBN: 9781911317036
Price: $90.00
Published Date: Mar-2018
Publisher: Goldenford
Binding: Paperback
Usually despatched within 48 hours
The Fallen TetraStars is the third book in the Zack and Kante adventure series. Zack and Kante are once again summoned by King Kra, to the land of the Banana People, the tribe from the planet TetraWorld. Three TetraStars were dropped by the rescue ship from TetraWorld, before it went into a downward spiral and landed on Earth. To find the location of the ship all three TetraStars must be found and unlocked. There is an urgency to get to the ship, to get the pouch of sustenance to the Captain as they too need it to survive on earth. This leads Zack, Kante and King Kra's daughter Ria, to Europe. They encounter the phantoms of the Colosseum, the ghosts of York, the Royal Corgis, Druids and an odd Englishman called Oliver Hastings. In the Alps they come across Tebes, a dwarf with magical powers, and his furry friend, Barb. Nothing prepares them for the Griffinions, an android army poised to take over TetraWorld, and the Galaxies beyond. They must outsmart them and warn the crew on the ship. Will they stop them in time? This is a story about survival, friendship, love and believing in magic.

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