In November 2014, Shonee and Arti created a new concept store called Partytime. The idea was to provide a one-stop party planning retail solution for everyone from finding party accessories to booking a cake and entertainer. Five years later, there are now six Partytime shops in Hong Kong, in key locations such as Prince’s Building, Times Square, Pacific Place, The Repulse Bay, Festival Walk and Discovery Bay as well as an online shop www.partytime.com.hk



Shonee and Arti launched Sweet World in 2017, though it all began a while ago! In 1990 Mohan Mirchandani came back from the Book Expo America with a huge bucket of Bazooka Gum. He put them in baskets in all his bookstores at HK$1 a pop and they sold like hot cakes, leading us to import numerous cases over the years. But what was really fascinating was how happy this made our customers. A similar thing happened when we started selling pick and mix sweets freshly imported from the UK in our IFC store in 2007. We thought the kids would love this, but we were wrong. It was the parents who went crazy for a taste of back home. The secretaries who demanded their managers to pick up a bag when they went for coffee, the Australians who asked us to bring in Allen’s, the teachers, engineers and other expats who all said, “what about bringing in something from my hometown”. Today Sweet World brings the best craft chocolate and artisanal sweets from all over the world. Our shops are located in Pacific Place, Prince’s Building, Times Square and Festival Walk. Embark on a sweet journey with us!