Japanese Cooking: A Simple Art

Japanese Cooking: A Simple Art

Tsuji, Shizuo

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When it was first published, Japanese Cooking: A Simple Art changed the way the culinary world viewed Japanese cooking, moving it from obscure ethnic food to haute cuisine.

Twenty-five years later, much has changed. Japanese food is a favorite of diners around the world. Not only is sushi as much a part of the Western culinary scene as burgers, bagels, and burritos, but some Japanese chefs have become household names. Japanese flavors, ingredients, and textures have been fused into dishes from a wide variety of other cuisines. What hasn't changed over the

ISBN : 9781568363882
BY (AUTHOR) Tsuji, Shizuo, BY (AUTHOR) Tsuji, Yoshiki
PUBLISHER : Kodansha America, Inc PUBLICATION DATE : April 10, 2012
COUNTRY OF PUBLICATION : United States IMPRINT : Kodansha America, Inc
LANGUAGE : English AGE : General
DIMENSION : 265 mm x 190 mm
WEIGHT : 1454 g

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