Sayonara Bitch

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Jack So. Single parent, not-so-good Samaritan. When a benevolent beer spills into a brutal bloodbath, a wave of violence washes over the Neon Noir shadows of Hong Kong and dumps Jack in the deep end. Again. Rubbing shoulders with high society's most celebrated, salacious and unscrupulous, Jack discovers some home truths are better left unsaid, You can't bury the past if it's not dead. And sins of the father can be a bitch. Sayonara Bitch is the sequel to Richard Tong's critically acclaimed Bitch On Heat. A hard-boiled hybrid of prose and graphics, augmented by more 170 pages of bold illustrations. Like Jack So, and the city that spawned him, this a unique cornucopia of cultures. A post-modern mash-up. A literary journey that will surprise at every turn.