Back-to-School: 6 tips to help parents get ready for the new school year

Post by Bookazine

Summer break is almost done and soon the kids will be off to school for a new year! Are you ready? While many mum and dads are still hankering for more family time out in the sun, there are those of us already ready to tackle the new school year, checklist in hand. After all, if there is one thing both parents and children will agree on, it's that there’s an inexplicable joy to concluding the summer break with a trip to your favourite bookstore for an exciting back-to-school haul! 
To help parents and their children prepare for the first day of school, here's a list of tips to make things easier...

Tip 1: Get a family calendar
Mums, I think we can all agree that while having dad share the load of chores at home is a big help, it's really the family calendar that holds the fort down and keeps everyone in line. Start the year organised with a large enough calendar to note down every meeting, event, recital, and after school activity for the whole family to see.  
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Tip 2: Have your child pick and pack their own school bags
A school bag is key to becoming a successful learner. An exaggeration, you might say? Perhaps not! Let children be part of picking and packing their own school bags to learn them the importance and  joy of having a day-to-day routine. This will help them build good habits and learn to be organised. 
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Tip 3: Pack a healthy snack
Chuck those chocolate bars and crisps, and toss those gummy bears to the side. Instead, opt for healthier snacks to fuel your children for a whole day of learning and fun. Sending them off with all the essential nutrients they need to focus and function will make happy learners, and our Bookazine stores have just the most adorable themed-lunch boxes for children.
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Tip 4: Get the water bottles ready
Help your children stay hydrated by preparing a water bottle for them to bring with them to school. This will help them stay alert and healthy throughout the day. Bookazine stocks a wide range of BPA-free, non-leak reusable water bottles of different designs, sizes and materials. Giving the kids an option to pick their favourite one to take with them to school or on their field trips. 
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Tip 5: Shop for new stationery
Parents, get ready for your kids to go wild! Possibly the most fun of any back-to-school shopping is buying new stationery. The uber cool pens, colourful markers and paints, beautifully designed notebooks and journals, the most adorable pencil cases, and the too-cute-to-not-get bookmarks, paper weights, and a slew of other accessories. With all breadth of themed and quirky items to choose from, kids (and parents) will be spoilt for choice at any of Bookazine's store locations!
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Tip 6: Label your child’s clothes
Have you ever sent your child off to school only for them to be missing a sweater or coming home with someone else’s, but no matter how many times you’ve marked their initials on the inside of their clothes, it gets washed off after every laundry cycle? Our top tip for this is grabbing yourself a laundry pen. Laundry pens are water- and heat- resistant and will withstand washing and drying so your child’s name stays on their uniforms permanently and hassle-free. 

Head over to your favorite Bookazine store and start tackling your back-to-school list or shop online and get everything delivered to your home in under 4 days!