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Momma, What is Corona Virus?
PRODUCT DETAILS : ISBN : 9789887925026 BY (AUTHOR) Hamilton, Jacquiline PUBLISHER : Jacquiline Hamilton PUBLICATION DATE : August 13, 2020...
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Strangers on the Praia: A Tale of Refugees and Resistance in Wartime Macao
PRODUCT DETAILS : ISBN : 9789887963899 BY (AUTHOR) French, Paul PUBLISHER : Blacksmith Books PUBLICATION DATE : June 29, 2020...
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Sunset Survivors: Meet the People Keeping Hong Kong's Traditional Industries Alive
PRODUCT DETAILS : ISBN : 9789887792833 BY (AUTHOR) Varty, Lindsay, PHOTOGRAPHS BY Jones, Gary PUBLISHER : Blacksmith Books PUBLICATION DATE...
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Talking to Strangers
DESCRIPTION : A Best Book of the Year: The Financial Times, Bloomberg, Chicago Tribune, and Detroit Free PresMalcolm Gladwell, host...
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Rebel City: Hong Kong's Year Of Water And Fire
DESCRIPTION : SCMP's reporting team looks back at Hong Kong's most wrenching political crisis since its return to Chinese rule...
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The Practice: Shipping Creative Work
PRODUCT DETAILS : ISBN : 9780593328972 BY (AUTHOR) Godin, Seth PUBLISHER : Portfolio PUBLICATION DATE : November 03, 2020 COUNTRY...
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PRODUCT DETAILS : ISBN : 9781982131739 BY (AUTHOR) Woodward, Bob PUBLISHER : Simon & Schuster PUBLICATION DATE : September 15,...
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Chungking Mansions: Photographs from Hong Kongs Last Ghetto
PRODUCT DETAILS : ISBN : 9789887792826 BY (AUTHOR) Chen, Nana PUBLISHER : Blacksmith Books PUBLICATION DATE : December 31, 2018...
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A Small Band of Men: An Englishman's Adventures in Hong Kong's Marine Police
DESCRIPTION : Les Bird joined the Hong Kong Marine Police in 1976 during a period of rapid change in one...
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The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir
DESCRIPTION : As President Trump's National Security Advisor, John Bolton spent many of his 453 days in the room where...
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Mindset - Updated Edition: Changing The Way You think To Fulfil Your Potential
DESCRIPTION : World-renowned Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck, in decades of research on achievement and success, has discovered a truly...
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The Powerful and the Damned
DESCRIPTION : 'As FT editor, I was a privileged interlocutor to people in power around the world, each offering unique...
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Amma Tell Me about Holi!
PRODUCT DETAILS : ISBN : 9789881239532 BY (AUTHOR) Mathur, Bhakti PUBLISHER : Anjana Publishing PUBLICATION DATE : April 28, 2016...
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Raising Global Teens: A Practical Handbook for Parenting in the 21st Century
PRODUCT DETAILS : ISBN : 9781999880842 BY (AUTHOR) Abraham, Anisha PUBLISHER : Summertime Publishing PUBLICATION DATE : October 01, 2020...
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Wake Up: Why the world has gone nuts
DESCRIPTION : It's time we get back to common sense.It's time to cancel the cancel culture.It's time to Wake Up....
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