May 17, 2024

pandemic minds: In conversation with kate whitehead

Join us at Bookazine Prince's Building for an evening of introspection and connection as we discuss the enduring lessons of "Pandemic Minds" with Kate Whitehead.

April 15, 2024

Book Signing with Author Minal Bharwaney

Dive into the profound insights of "Re-Awaken" by Miss Minal Bharwaney, a book that guides us toward embracing our true selves and connecting with our inner wisdom.

March 26, 2024

Book Signing with Architect Andrew heid

Join architect and Harvard Design Critic Andrew Heid for a special event showcasing his new book Glass Houses. Discover his visionary designs, celebrated for their spiritual, ecological, and cultural harmony, as featured in Architectural Digest, AD China, Wallpaper*, and the New York Times.

January 26, 2024

Meet Thomas Bird author of harmony express

Step aboard a literary journey through the heart of China's railway revolution with Thomas Bird, the captivating author of "Harmony Express"! Join us at Bookazine Prince's Building on the 26th of January from 6 pm to 7 pm for an unforgettable evening of exploration and discovery.

January 16, 2024

Unveiling Ancient Discoveries with Author Sheng-Wei Wang

Join author Sheng-Wei Wang to explore evidence of early Chinese exploration predating Columbus. Delve into the debate surrounding ancient world maps and the potential pre-Western exploration of certain areas and get your book signed by the Author!

November 19 2023

Sophia Hutong Unveils The Stowaways Symphony!

You're invited to a very special storytelling event at Bookazine this Saturday! Acclaimed author and illustrator Sophia Hotung will debut her charming new musical tale "The Stowaways Symphony", brought to life through a collaboration with The Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra!

"The Stowaways Symphony" will be available for purchase during the event.

October 22 2023

Asia Launch & Book Signing with Erica Lyons!  

Join us for the Asia Launch of Erica's 2 amazing books: "Zhen Yu and the Snake" and "Counting on Naamah"!Come enjoy a lovely day with amazing book readings of stories based on traditional folk tales and ask questions, there will be word searches, mazes, coloring and cookies! A perfect day for the little bookworms.

October 19 2023

Transform Your Life with Veronica Llorca Author of The Lemon Tree Mindset

Get ready for an inspiring event with Veronica Llorca, author of the influential self-help book, "The Lemon Tree Mindset."

Join us for this transformative event! It's more than just an opportunity to meet an influential author; it's a window into a new way of living.

October 15 2023

Bravery Grows: Meet the Authors + Fun Craft Session 

We invite you to an enchanting afternoon of creativity, courage, and camaraderie to celebrate everyone's Bravery at Bookazine Prince's Building!Dr Melissa Giglio and Daisy Geddes are back at Bookazine with a new event for their highly successful book "Bravery Grows", a book that has sparked conversation and helped hundreds of kids and their families to deal with worry and anxiety.

September 28 2023

Photographers After Dark: Chris Stowers

Mark your calendars for September 28th, for a truly enlightening evening! Bookazine Prince's Building is thrilled to host an intimate session with none other than the acclaimed photographer and author, Chris Stowers. Best known for his stunning photography and breath-taking chronicles in 'Bugis Nights', Chris invites you to delve deeper into the unseen corners of his spellbinding journeys.

September 24 2023

The Accidental Orchestra with Author Aniela Chaudhuri!

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, little bookworms! The talented Aniela Emma Chaudhuri author of "The Accidental Orchestra" is tuning up in Bookazine to meet YOU!Join us for a whimsically rhythmic story time that will carry you into a world of melodious meows and splendid symphonies!

September 17 2023

Kadoorie Farm Comes to Bookazine Festival Walk! 

Nature buffs, assemble!Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden has swarmed back to Bookazine this time in Festival Walk!Ever fancied meeting the astonishing Giant Prickly Stick Insects or standing toe-to-toe with majestic Stag Beetles? Alongside their amazing and wise keepers, we welcome you with open arms on 17 September.

September 15 2023

 As Many as the Stars: Meet Robert Glover OBE

Join us for a special event as we welcome Robert Glover, the author of the inspiring book "As Many as the Stars" and the founder of Care for Children.Robert Glover's book takes us on a journey through love, hope, and resilience, as he shares his personal experiences and the lessons he has learned on his path to success.

august 20 2023

Meet the bugs: discover the wonders of the insect world with kfbg!

Attention all insect enthusiasts!Kadoorie Farm is buzzing into Bookazine!Come and witness the captivating beauty of the insect kingdom up close and personal. Join us as we welcome the astonishing Giant Prickly Stick Insect and the majestic Stag Beetle (Dorcus Hopei), along with their knowledgeable keepers, on August 20th.

July 7 2023

Wine, Women, and Words: A Night with Jane Lo and Alice Poon

Join us for an evening of captivating conversation, delicious wine, and insightful literary discussion with acclaimed authors Jane Lo and Alice Poon at Bookazine Prince's Building.During the event, Jane and Alice will share their experiences as writers, discuss their latest works, and answer questions from the audience.

June 24 2023

Meet The Author: Frances Cha

Join us for an exclusive evening with Frances Cha, the author of If I Had Your Face, a gripping novel that explores the beauty industry, sexism, and classism in Korea through the perspectives of four women.

May 25 2023

Meet The Author: Aaron Pang

Don't miss the chance to meet Aaron Pang, the author who transformed himself from a lost man to a thought leader in self-improvement and motivation.Drawing from his own unique journey, Aaron shares how we can all tap into our childhood selves, find clarity in discomfort, and reignite our innate curious minds.

May 19 2023

We need to talk about inflation -Meet Stephen D. King

Join us for an engaging evening with the renowned economist and author Stephen D. King, as he discusses his latest book "We Need to Talk About Inflation". This exclusive book signing event offers a unique opportunity to gain insights into the current economic climate and explore the potential impact of inflation on our lives.

May 16 2023

Women Who Chase Butterflies Book Launch

Join us for an inspiring evening with Louisa Wong, the author of "Women Who Chase Butterflies" at Bookazine Prince's Building.
Louisa's journey from the slums of Hong Kong to Harvard and Wall Street is a testament to the power of perseverance and dedication.