May Top 10 Must-Read Books

May Top 10 Must-Read Books

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Magic Pill: The Extraordinary Benefits and Disturbing Risks of the New Weight Loss Drugs

1. Magic Pill by Johann Hari
- Discover the transformative effects of new weight-loss drugs in this eye-opening exploration of our relationship with food and weight.

Funny Story
2. Funny Story by Emily Henry
- Dive into a tale of unexpected connections and shared adventures as Daphne's life takes a surprising turn in this heartwarming story.

Brave New Words: How AI Will Revolutionize Education (and Why That's a Good Thing)
3. Brave New Words by Salman Khan
- Explore the AI revolution in education and its implications for society in this insightful book by the founder of Khan Academy.

Agents of S.U.I.T.: From Badger to Worse: A Full Colour, Laugh-Out-Loud Comic Book Adventure!
4. Agents of S.U.I.T - From Badger to Worse by John Patrick Green
- Join the super-spy Badgers on a hilarious adventure filled with gadgets, spy vehicles, and a pineapple-flavored case in Bora Bora.

5. Astrochimp by David Walliams
- Follow Chump the chimp on a deadly-dangerous space mission in this entertaining and unpredictable story that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The Not-So-Simple Question (A Holly-Mei Book, 3)
6. The Not-So-Simple Question - Holly-Mei Book by Christina Matula
- Join Holly-Mei on her adventures in a new school in Hong Kong, navigating friendships and challenges in this heartwarming middle-grade series.

Bluey: What Games Should We Play?: A Lift-the-Flap Book
7. Bluey – What games should we play?
- Lift the flaps with Bluey and Bingo as they embark on fun-filled games in this interactive adventure that kids will love.

You're Mom: A Little Book for Mothers (and the People Who Love Them)
8. You’re Mom: A Little book for mother and the people who love them by Liz Climo
- Celebrate motherhood with Liz Climo's humorous and heartwarming tribute to moms, featuring adorable illustrations and heartfelt moments.

9. A Basic History of Ancient and Modern China by Chui Chuen-shun
How would you define China? By its government, its geography, or its people?From prehistoric times to the present, Dr. Chui gives his opinions and insights about historical events to help the readers better understand the causes of China's ups and downs.

The Many Lies of Veronica Hawkins
10. The Many Lies of Veronica Hawkins by Kristina Perez
- Step into the glamorous world of Hong Kong with Martina Torres as she unravels the mysteries surrounding the disappearance of her benefactor, Veronica Hawkins.

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