I’ve loved Bookazine since I moved to Hong Kong from France in 2009. I’ve spent hours in the shops looking for my next read or finding a present for my kids, family or friends! I was thrilled when I joined the company in 2015. I love organizing events! It is so nice to get to meet authors, discuss their work and see how reading connects people. With the team we put together catalogues, book lists for social media, exciting in-store campaigns and we’re always trying to support charities to give back to the community. I am a big climate advocate so if you see so many eco-friendly products in the catalogues or on social media I am to blame/thank for!

The book that made me love reading is 1984 by George Orwell. It was gift from a friend and I can’t thank him enough for that! I read both in French and English. My last fav read in French (and now available in English at Bookazine) is The Braid by Laetitia Colombani. Let me know how you like it!