Restaurant Man

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How does a nice Italian boy from Queens turn his passion for food and wine into an empire?In his winning memoir, "Restaurant Man," Joe Bastianich charts his culinary journey from working in his parents red-sauce joint to becoming one of the country s most successful restaurateurs. Joe first learned the ropes from his father, Felice Bastianich, the ultrapragmatic, self-proclaimed restaurant man. After college and a year on Wall Street, Joe bought a one-way ticket to Italy and worked in restaurants and vineyards. Upon his return to New York, he partnered with his mother, Lidia, and soon joined forces with Mario Batali, establishing one superlative Italian restaurant after another.Writing vividly in an authentic New York style that is equal parts rock n roll and hard-ass, bottom-line business reality, Joe explains: how Babbo changed the way people think of Italian restaurants; how Lupa and Esca were born of hedonistic, boondoggle R&D trips through Italy; and how Del Posto managed to overcome a menu that was so ambitious that at first it could not even be executed and became the first four-star Italian restaurant in America. He lays the smackdown on the wine industry, explaining that no bottle of wine costs more than five dollars to make.Joe speaks frankly about friends and foes, but at the heart of the book is the mythical hero Restaurant Man, the old-school, bluecollar guy from Queens who once upon a time learned to sweat it out and make his money through hard work. Throughout he stays true to the real secret of his success watching costs but being ferociously dedicated to exceeding the customer s expectations on every level and delivering the best dining experience in the world."

ISBN : 9780670023523
BY (AUTHOR) Bastianich, Joe, BY (AUTHOR) Bastianich, Joseph
PUBLISHER : Penguin Putnam Inc PUBLICATION DATE : May 01, 2012
LANGUAGE : English AGE : General
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