Wolves: Stunning Photographs of Nature's Hunters in the Wild

9781782747673 | Animals
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The grey wolf - or Canis lupus - is the only Canis species that is native to both Eurasia and North America. Social animals, wolves hunt in packs and travel in nuclear families of a mated pair and their offspring. They are territorial, too, generally establishing territories far larger than they require to survive. And, as apex predators, only humans and tigers pose a serious threat to wolves, although, of course, in folk memory it is wolves that humans fear. From Russia to India, Mongolia to Germany, Saudi Arabia to Turkey, and of course, in the USA and Canada, Canis lupus and its subspecies, such as the Mexican Wolf, is widely distributed around the globe. Endangered in some parts of the world and protected, their numbers are now increasing in places and they are being reintroduced - or finding their own way - into more locations and countries. With full captions explaining how the species and its subspecies hunts and feeds, rears its young and migrates, and whether it is endangered and protected, Wolves is a brilliant examination in 200 outstanding colour photographs of this fascinating animal.

ISBN : 9781782747673
BY (AUTHOR) Jackson, Tom
PUBLISHER : Amber Books Ltd PUBLICATION DATE : April 04, 2019
COUNTRY OF PUBLICATION : United Kingdom IMPRINT : Amber Books Ltd
LANGUAGE : English AGE : General
DIMENSION : 297 mm x 227 mm
SERIES : Animals

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