Asia's 15 Over 50

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This book is written by Esther Ma in sisterhood with Christianne Ho and Flora Tong. It features inspiring testimonials by 15 women from different countries in Asia. Specifically, they will each share their inspiring life experiences, biggest failures, family values, awards & accolades, wellness tips, role models, soul mates, ideal men and goals for the next 50 years.

As many mid-life women are undergoing lack of security due to aging or experiencing loss of directions due to imminent retirement or empty nests, along with the increasingly popular trends in health and wellness, this book will be an enlightening reference for its readers to find encouragement, inspiration, and resonances from the 15 women being featured.

The 15 women are selected by an editorial panel. They meet the criteria of being between the age of 50 and 59, having at least one personal or career award, have assumed some kind of leadership or entrepreneurial roles, and believe in the importance of philanthropy and mentorship. On the note of giving back, each of the 15 women will solicit sponsorship from their trusted sponsors or confidantes which along with 50% of sales proceeds will be collectively donated to WING charity after deducting production and PR costs. Below is the list of the 15 women:

1. Sandra Khoo. Ballroom dancer. Lives in Shanghai. One son of Twins has autism.
2. Eliza Chang. Retired swimming champion from HK. Mother of two kids. Legal Counsel
3. Linda Yang. Jewelry designer from Taipei. Mother of 3 kids
4. Tiara Josodirdjo. Celebrity wedding planner from Jakarta.
5. Alice Lok. Sprinter from HK. Mother of 2. Marketing Director of renowned magazine
6. Christianne Ho. Celebrity Fitness Trainer. Yoga teacher. Mother of 2
7. Mahnaz Lee, founder of Women Helping Women Foundation. Half Iranian Half chinese. Mother of 2 and new grandmother
8. Malou Cadouze, Filipino, Chief Of Network Solutions, QNET
9. Shirley Hiranand, PR Expert. From Famous Harilela Indian family
10. Flora Tong, Bodybuilding champ from Singapore
11. Yumiko Murakami. HBS grad. Head of OECD
12. Debra Meiburg. Master of Wine, US citizen living in HK for 10+ years
13. Diana Lu, fashion designer, Beijing, China
14. Pamela Wang Pei Wan. CEO. Jiali International Ltd. China. Cancer survivor
15. Esther Ma. Founder of Prestique & Harvest Sky