Hit Me Again!...I Can Still Hear Him

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A crippling fear of public speaking has probably shorted out more promising careers than any other single factor. In today?™s high-stress environment, top performers are expected to be able to address shareholder meetings, do real-time podcasts and live TV, take part in panel discussions and speak to groups of all sizes, whether in key pitches or at large industry functions.
A lot of executives have paid a lot of money to try to shake off the discomfort. Most public speaking coaches advise them to be formulaic, to plan the speech, carefully pacing the delivery and taking calculated pauses while methodically sweeping their gaze from one side of the audience to the other. We?™ve all sat through speeches like that. Guess what? It doesn?™t work. The best-case scenario is the speaker gets through the event without bolting. But chances are they were somewhat short of dynamic, leaving most listeners glazed over and surreptitiously checking their watches.
John Miers, a former nuclear submarine commander and frequent media spokesman for the Royal Navy, has developed a radically different approach to speaking. It involves teaching you how to use emotional intelligence to engage a crowd, ensuring your message gets across and your words actually have an impact.
John has successfully taught his method to senior international executives, to top politicians and to Olympic athletes. He has now published the program in a book.
?œHit me again I can still hear him! The secrets of superb public speaking??explains the steps in simple, straightforward terms, mapping out the strategy to becoming less self-conscious and more natural while communicating.
The book is an indispensable tool for all those who want not just to speak, but to be heard.