Empty Playgrounds

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A world without children is like a springtime meadow without wild flowers, like a tropical aquarium without any fish??A book that spans more than five decades and takes place in America, China, England, Scotland, the International Space Station and even on the moon. A story that mixes fact with fiction, intermingling current events and technology with speculative scientific ?œwhat ifs?? For all of mankind?™s knowledge what is really understood of the universe is at best, very little. There are ?œthings??out there we simply do not understand, ?œthings??we have not found, ?œthings??that may be dangerous, ?œthings??that could spell disaster. Who is to say that ?œsomething??is not drifting around in the outer reaches of space slowing making its way towards our planet, ?œsomething??that could bring about the end of mankind? As the story unfolds you are thrown into a world that is changing, a world without children, a world where mankind as the top predator is facing possible extinction. A visit to our planet by a huge cloud of space dust which NASA has deemed harmless, brings with it an awful legacy which is only confirmed after the space dust passes the world and returns to the darkness of space to continue its journey. Men can no longer produce fertile sperm, there are to be no more children. As mankind sets about finding a cure to save the human race you are taken through many twists and turns of the multiple sub-plots that either offer hope or lead to nowhere. Everything from artificial insemination, maturity advancement hormones, embryonic and adult stem cells, cryogenics and even an outpost on the moon add the flavour to the drama that plays itself out during mankind?™s desperate struggle for survival. Mankind seems pitted against evolution itself as Mother Nature, once our protector and provider, appears to turn Her back on us. The warnings that She gave us and mankind talked about but then chose to ignore may now come back to haunt those who had the power to do something. Global warming and the thinning of the ozone layer, extreme and unusual global weather conditions, destruction of the world?™s natural resources for corporate profit and the general selfishness of mankind were there to be seen, but mankind did not pay attention. Now Mother Nature appears to have left us to deal with our own fate in our own way and in the process slowly begin to take back what once was Hers. Is mankind doomed, is it too late or is there a way to ensure our survival?