Kittens in 3-D

Kittens in 3-D

Morita, Yoneo

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From Persians to Abysinnians, this adorable book captures the quintessential personalities of your favorite kittens. Organized according to breed, "Kittens in 3D" pairs painfully cute photographs with playful quotes from the likes of Lewis Carroll, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Truman Capote, and Raymond Chandler - all avid cat-lovers. This book comes with a 3D view-finder, causing the kittens to spring off the page right into your lap. As never seen before in print, these cats will feel like they're actually licking your face or nuzzling your ankles-so you'll have to stop yourself from trying to pet them! Because not every image is three-dimensional, the photographs in this book will be enjoyable with or without the view-finder, which will appeal to both technophiles and old-fashioned dog-lovers alike. Whether these kittens are making funny faces or just staring at the camera, curling up for a nap or frolicking in the yard, this up-close-and-personal photographic wonder is sure to wow the eyes and warm the heart. The photographs have been taken by Yoneo Morita, well-know in Japan and in the USA for his adorable dog and cat photography. He is especially well-known for his hanadeka (big nose) technique which shrinks the animal's body in relation to its nose, creating especially cute photographs. "Kittens" is the first book to combine Morita's photographs with 3-D technology.

ISBN : 9780062039576
BY (AUTHOR) Morita, Yoneo
PUBLISHER : HarperCollins Publishers Inc PUBLICATION DATE : June 15, 2011
COUNTRY OF PUBLICATION : United States IMPRINT : Harper Design International
LANGUAGE : English AGE : General
DIMENSION : 210 mm x 184 mm
WEIGHT : 354 g

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