Olivia Kidney Stops for No One

Olivia Kidney Stops for No One

Potter, Ellen

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In her last home, Olivia Kidney met a lot of strange people - and not all of them were alive! Now her handyman dad's got a new live-in job at a posh private house and Olivia's hoping her life there will be normal. But no. The house is flooded by a sparkling lagoon (complete with snapping turtles) and you have to use a boat to get around! Then there's the handsome young owner, Ansel Plover, who seems quite charming. Until a neighbour warns Olivia that he's 'mad, bad, and dangerous'.

So when she spots strange visitors arriving in the middle of the night, Olivia catches a whiff of weirdness. This house holds secrets - she can feel it. So with the help of her ghostly brother, Christopher, Olivia begins to unravel a mystery that will take her deep into the Spirit World, all over again . . .

ISBN : 9780330420808
BY (AUTHOR) Potter, Ellen, ILLUSTRATED BY Slater, Nicola
PUBLISHER : Pan Macmillan PUBLICATION DATE : January 06, 2006
COUNTRY OF PUBLICATION : United Kingdom IMPRINT : Macmillan Children's Books
LANGUAGE : English AGE : Interest age: from c 9 years
PRODUCT FORM : Paperback / softback
DIMENSION : 197 mm x 130 mm
WEIGHT : 164 g

Children’s, Teenage & Educational