The Married Man's Mentor

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A tongue-in-cheek gift book for men of almost any age, THE MARRIED MAN'S MENTOR is interestingly relevant. On choosing a wife, Lovibond writes, "It is a fatal thing to form an impression at first sight, whether favorable or the reverse, and let it run away with you." THE MARRIED MAN'S MENTOR is also humorously candid: "The stupidity, for the other disagreeable qualities may be lessened and even cured, but a lack of ordinary intelligence can never be remedied." Discover of the book Michelle Lovric sums up its message: "the book was a manual about loyalty-not just physical fidelity but simple loyalty to a partner in a far wider sense, a quality not too often discussed, except in the breach."

ISBN : 9780740763717
BY (AUTHOR) Lovibond, Lucas
PUBLISHER : Andrews McMeel Publishing PUBLICATION DATE : June 04, 2007
COUNTRY OF PUBLICATION : United States IMPRINT : Andrews McMeel Publishing
LANGUAGE : English AGE : General

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