Let's Save the Animals

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An innovative introduction to conservation for very young children, using rhythmic language, novelty surprises and ten engaging endangered animals.

Chomp, stomp, slide and splash! From the elephant stomping across the African plains to the penguin skidding across the ice; from the tropical rainforest to frozen Siberia - inside are ten animals from across the world whose existence is threatened. Interact with each animal with a novelty surprise on each page - wallow in the mud with the rhino, splash through the waves with the dolphin and join the panda climbing up a tree! Frances Barry's stylish and endearing collage illustrations are the perfect introduction to endangered animals around the world.

ISBN : 9781406330663
BY (AUTHOR) Barry, Frances, ILLUSTRATED BY Barry, Frances
PUBLISHER : Walker Books Ltd PUBLICATION DATE : February 01, 2011
COUNTRY OF PUBLICATION : United Kingdom IMPRINT : Walker Books Ltd
LANGUAGE : English AGE : Children's
PRODUCT FORM : Paperback / softback
DIMENSION : 261 mm x 235 mm
WEIGHT : 228 g

Children’s, Teenage & Educational