Return to Summerhouse

Return to Summerhouse

Deveraux, Jude

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The sequel to the bestselling THE SUMMERHOUSE tells the story of three women who are given the chance to go back in time and recreate their history. Amy is perfectionist with a wonderful husband and two young boys, but when she suffers a miscarriage, she suddenly realizes her life isn't as ideal as it seems on the outside. Faith, is in her 30s but looks years older. Her husband died a year ago, but she is really mourning another man - one she let go years ago. And Zoe, a painter, who dresses in black and has multiple piercings, suffered a brain injury and can't recall anything after her high school prom. All she knows is that she did something so horrible that her entire hometown hates her.

These three women, with nothing in common except for shared pain, are united one

weekend in a summerhouse in Maine. There they meet Madame Zoya and her sister Primrose who have mystical powers and give them the opportunity to alter their own histories. When Amy decides to return to 18th century Georgian England to see if she can change her husband's ancestor, the other women elect to go with her and all three are given a chance to create their own happily ever after.

ISBN : 9781416509738
BY (AUTHOR) Deveraux, Jude
PUBLISHER : Simon & Schuster PUBLICATION DATE : July 04, 2008
LANGUAGE : English AGE : General
PRODUCT FORM : Paperback / softback
DIMENSION : 171 mm x 105 mm
WEIGHT : 206 g
PRODUCT SAFETY : EU Toy Safety Directive - No warning

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