Essential Oils 101: Your Guide to Understanding and Using Essential Oils

Essential Oils 101: Your Guide to Understanding and Using Essential Oils

Keniston-Pond, Kymberly

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Learn the effective, natural way to care for your family and home!

From clary sage and eucalyptus to lavender and ylang ylang, essential oils are safe, environmental alternatives to traditional medicine and home-care products. But where do you start?

Inside, you'll find detailed profiles that include the source, history, properties, and uses for 100 of the most common and affordable essential oils. Essential oil expert Kymberly Keniston-Pond teaches you how to choose pure, high-quality oils; demonstrates the proper way to blend and store them; and provides suggestions for the simple tools you'll need for working with essential oils.

This easy-to-use guide includes 100 amazing ways to use essential oils to improve your health and appearance, as well as protect and clean your home--all without the need for harsh chemicals. With Essential Oils 101, you'll find the right oil for any need and discover all the benefits a few drops of essential oil can bring.

ISBN : 9781507200551
BY (AUTHOR) Keniston-Pond, Kymberly
PUBLISHER : Adams Media Corporation PUBLICATION DATE : January 01, 2017
COUNTRY OF PUBLICATION : United States IMPRINT : Adams Media Corporation
LANGUAGE : English AGE : General
PRODUCT FORM : Paperback / softback
DIMENSION : 203 mm x 152 mm
WEIGHT : 367 g

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