I Hear a Pickle and Smell, See, Touch, & Taste It, Too!

I Hear a Pickle and Smell, See, Touch, & Taste It, Too!

Isadora, Rachel

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many ways! With our ears we hear the birds sing - with our nose we smell the stinky cheese - with our eyes we see the moon and stars (and sometimes glasses help us see even better!) - with our skin we feel the rain (and learn not to touch the hot stove!); and with our tongue we can taste our favourite foods. Isadora's lively art reveals the power and delight of each sense, and young children will see themselves in the charming vignettes that explore a wide range of familiar activities throughout the seasons.

ISBN : 9781524739584
BY (AUTHOR) Isadora, Rachel
PUBLISHER : Nancy Paulsen Books PUBLICATION DATE : August 23, 2017
COUNTRY OF PUBLICATION : United States IMPRINT : Nancy Paulsen Books
LANGUAGE : English AGE : Children / Juvenile
PRODUCT FORM : Board book
DIMENSION : 172 mm x 140 mm

Children’s, Teenage & Educational