Karate-do Kyohan: The Master Text

Karate-do Kyohan: The Master Text

Funakoshi, Gichin

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Nineteen kata (forms') of karate-the art of self-defense without weapons-are presented here in complete detail. They are the ones selected by the great master and teacher, Gichin Funakoshi, to give comprehensive training in Karate-do, the way of karate. Fully illustrated demonstrations by the translator cover not only every technique of the kata but also the fundamentals and applications: how to make a fist; the correct form of the open hand; preliminary training in blocking, striking and kicking; the seven stances; and sparring. The author presents, besides'

ISBN : 9781568364827
BY (AUTHOR) Funakoshi, Gichin
PUBLISHER : Kodansha America, Inc PUBLICATION DATE : March 25, 2013
COUNTRY OF PUBLICATION : United States IMPRINT : Kodansha America, Inc
LANGUAGE : English AGE : General
DIMENSION : 265 mm x 191 mm
WEIGHT : 1036 g

Sports & Active outdoor recreation

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