Flower Origami

Flower Origami

Langeveld, Joost

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Fold your way to fabulous flowers! With Flower Origami, you'll use the traditional Japanese art of paper folding to make elegant bluebells, blossoms, and other blooms.

Fold your way to fabulous flowers! Bringing flowers into your home can make it brighter and more beautiful. But flowers can be expensive, especially in the middle of winter, and they don't last forever. And growing your own flowers can be time-consuming or, if you don't have a yard, downright impossible! With Flower Origami, you'll have everything you need to create stunning, long-lasting bouquets.

* Flower Origami teaches you how to turn a flat sheet of paper into a flower. Whether your favorites are dahlias or azaleas, daffodils or sunflowers, you'll find simple instructions--and the necessary supplies--for crafting them in your own home in this useful kit.

* Use this traditional Japanese art to make elegant bluebells, pink anthuriums, and bright yellow narcissus that will look just like the real thing.

With Flower Origami, your folding skills will grow by leaps and bounds--just like a flower!

ISBN : 9781607102809
BY (AUTHOR) Langeveld, Joost
PUBLISHER : Thunder Bay Press PUBLICATION DATE : February 08, 2012
COUNTRY OF PUBLICATION : United States IMPRINT : Thunder Bay Press
LANGUAGE : English AGE : General
PRODUCT FORM : Mixed media product
DIMENSION : 248 mm x 210 mm
WEIGHT : 748 g
SERIES : Origami Books

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