2,100 Asanas: The Complete Yoga Poses

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2,100 Asanas is an unprecedented, meticulously crafted catalog of yoga poses and modifications. It is also a gorgeous work of art, showcasing the beauty and athleticism of the human form. Each photograph features an expert yogi performing the pose to perfection. The aesthetic is clean and modern. The book is organized into eight major types of poses-standing, seated, core, quadruped, backbends, inversions, prone, and supine-and further broken down by families of poses that progress from easiest to more challenging. Every pose is accompanied by the name of the pose in English and Sanskrit, a description of the modification, the Drishti point (eye gaze), the chakras affected and its benefits.

ISBN : 9781631910104
BY (AUTHOR) Lacerda, Daniel
PUBLISHER : Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers Inc PUBLICATION DATE : November 10, 2015
COUNTRY OF PUBLICATION : United States IMPRINT : Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers Inc
LANGUAGE : English AGE : General
DIMENSION : 252 mm x 218 mm
WEIGHT : 2438 g

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