Rules for My Daughter: Indispensable Advice From Someone Who's Been There

Rules for My Daughter: Indispensable Advice From Someone Who's Been There

Lamond, Walker

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Rules For My Daughter is a collection of traditional, humorous, and urbane fatherly advice for young women and girls. From internet dating ("Never trust a profile pic") to the practical ("The right friends will appreciate a well timed burp. Your grandmother will not.") to aiming high ("There's more to life than Being a passenger." Amelia Earhart), this endearing book of rules and quotations is the quintessential instruction manual for becoming a confident and industrious young woman.

Hip and witty with a decidedly traditionalist flavour, Rules For My Daughter is meant to evoke simpler times when father knew best and a suitable answer to "Why?" was "Because I said so." Based on the hit blog and presented as a beautifully designed hardback, there is no better gift to celebrate the special relationship between father and daughter.

ISBN : 9781786490117
BY (AUTHOR) Lamond, Walker
PUBLISHER : Atlantic Books PUBLICATION DATE : November 03, 2016
COUNTRY OF PUBLICATION : United Kingdom IMPRINT : Atlantic Books
LANGUAGE : English AGE : General
DIMENSION : 186 mm x 116 mm
WEIGHT : 255 g

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