10 Eternal Questions: Answers to the Deepest Questions - from the Wise and the Celebrated

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10 Eternal Questions makes compelling reading for everyone looking for answers to life's biggest conundrums: what to believe? how to behave? how to find one's destiny? how to find peace? This is a collection of interviews with a unique combination of media stars and celebrated world figures providing a kaleidoscopic range of experience and knowledge for everyone seeking wisdom. Zoe Sallis has had lengthy interviews with a whole range of internationally renowned figures from the bestselling spiritual novelist Paulo Coelho to the rock mega-star Bono. The answers are spontaneous, anecdotal and personally revealing, often reflecting a long and thoughtful quest to make sense of life's many mysteries. Thoroughly original and thought-provoking work, with its eye on the bestseller lists, 10 Eternal Questions will set minds racing and chat shows talking everywhere.

ISBN : 9781844831845
BY (AUTHOR) Sallis, Zoe
PUBLISHER : Watkins Media PUBLICATION DATE : September 15, 2005
COUNTRY OF PUBLICATION : United Kingdom IMPRINT : Duncan Baird Publishers
LANGUAGE : English AGE : General
PRODUCT FORM : Other book format
DIMENSION : 185 mm x 123 mm
WEIGHT : 374 g

Health, Relationships & Personal development