Can't You Sleep, Dotty?

9781848957350 | My First Storybook
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Dotty the puppy can't sleep. She tries snuggling up to Penguin, but it's no good... and now everyone else is wide awake, too! If your child has trouble sleeping at bedtime, they're sure to be able to relate to little Dotty in this charming tale.

My First Storybooks are perfect for reading aloud and sharing with your special little one. With simple, easy-to-follow stories, these shiny, padded-cover books introduce fun vocabulary and have bright, engaging pictures throughout.

    ISBN : 9781848957350
    BY (AUTHOR) Warnes, Tim
    PUBLISHER : Little Tiger Press Group PUBLICATION DATE : July 01, 2013
    COUNTRY OF PUBLICATION : United Kingdom IMPRINT : Little Tiger Press
    LANGUAGE : English AGE : From 2 to 5 years
    PRODUCT FORM : Hardback
    DIMENSION : 196 mm x 155 mm
    SERIES : My First Storybook
    PRODUCT SAFETY : CPSIA choking hazard - No choking hazard warning necessary

    Children’s, Teenage & Educational