Trump's Populist America

Trump's Populist America

Rosefielde, Steven

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In Trump's Populist America, author Steven Rosefielde argues that the policies Trump fashions are not half measures, but stem from an understanding of his supporters and their desire for an elected government that is attuned to the common man's concerns. Through this lens, voting for Trump can be seen as an act of rebellion, in the spirit of Jeffersonian democracy, against the establishment. Despite assertions of xenophobia, bigotry, and racism, Rosefielde asserts that Trump supporters are nationalists in the Jeffersonian sense, who oppose being victimized by a special-interest government at home and who welcome amicable relations with neighbors across the globe.The book documents the grievances ordinary middle and working class American people harbour against the establishment's Global Nation policies at home and abroad, and shows how Trump intends to rectify matters with policies aimed at building a Jeffersonian populist America in a workman-like manner. If Trump succeeds, these policies will reverse the course of 21st century history for the middle and working class Americans. A battle is shaping up between populist advocates of open societies, and those who are sure 'father' knows best.

ISBN : 9781944659493
BY (AUTHOR) Rosefielde, Steven
PUBLISHER : World Scientific Publishing Co Inc (USA) PUBLICATION DATE : August 08, 2017
COUNTRY OF PUBLICATION : United States IMPRINT : World Scientific Publishing Co Inc (USA)
LANGUAGE : English AGE : Tertiary Education
PRODUCT FORM : Paperback / softback

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