Don't Joke on the Stairs: How I Learnt to Navigate China by Breaking Most of the Rules

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China ??what?™s not to love?

Join longtime Hong Kong resident and Cantonese fundamentalist Cecilie Gamst Berg as she ploughs through the non-stop surreal-fest that is today?™s China, stopping occasionally to ruminate about the travails of trying to make Cantonese a world language, and how the Chinese have invented a new English: Manglish.

In this book you?™ll find answers to everything you wanted to know about China, such as:

What does ?œthe slippery are very crafty??really mean?
What?™s the etiquette for hitch-hiking in really small cars?
What?™s the best way to gatecrash a Ketamine party?
Indeed, what is modern party etiquette in China? And:
How do you win a fist-fight with a hotel security guard?
Travelling by horse, train and sleeper bus from the deserts of Xinjiang, across the mountains of Tibet and Sichuan to the water buffalo fields of Hong Kong, Cecilie shows you how China is not only the most happening place on Earth, but also the most fun.