Go Get Gorgeous

Go Get Gorgeous

Creative Fiels / Kim Robinson

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Having spent the last 40 years in Hong Kong establishing a name for himself in luxury haircare, the Austalian hairstylist has released his first guidebook aptly titled Go Get Gorgeous (those who know Robinson are familiar with his love of the phrase). His message in the book is that by changing your look, you change your life – and as one of Asia’s most celebrated hairstylists Robinson believes that the right hairstyle frames your face, and having the right cut gives you confidence and the power to tell the world who you are – without having to say a word.

Go Get Gorgeous charts Robinson’s 40 year career in the region and his knack for developing an instinct for providing impeccable hairstyles for a range of Asian women according to their face, hair texture, and their complexion. Armed with a little black book that rivals Tatler’s, Go Get Gorgeous features beauty tips and tricks from Robinson’s A-list clients including Brigitte Lin, Jennifer Tse, Janet Ma, Kathy Chow, Bonnae Gokson, and Rosemary Vandenbroucke, with photography from Chen Man, Edwin Datoc, Van Hai, Timon Wehrli, and Sean Lee-Davies.