Bitch on Heat

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Jack So is a not-so-good Samaritan and single father. When a butyraceous bombshell drops into his lap, it sets off a brutal journey through the simmering, Neon Noir??shadows of pre-handover Hong Kong. Navigating perilous curves in pursuit of an ancient artefact, he soon discovers the past is not quite finished with him, yet. History still has a handful of harsh lessons for Jack So to learn. And history, when it comes unbidden, can really be a bitch. Bitch On Heat is the critically acclaimed first novel in Richard Tong's Neon Noir trilogy. A hybrid of prose and graphics, augmented by more 170 pages of bold illustrations. Like Jack So, and the city that spawned him, this a unique cornucopia of cultures. A post-modern mash-up. A literary journey that will surprise at every turn.