Finding Your Inner Piece with Puzzles

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By Heidi

I’ve always enjoyed piecing together jigsaw puzzles. For me, coming a colder climate, they have always been a rainy-day activity.  With social distancing and acclimatising to Hong Kong’s summer heat, I find myself gravitating indoors to tackle yet another jigsaw puzzle.  They are relaxing and mindful at the same time, giving me a break from today’s digital lifestyle. Completing a puzzle is meditative.  Before you realise it, you’d have spent hours focus on the pieces, engrossed in joining loops and sockets to match the picture on the box.  Puzzles are mentally challenging too, engaging both sides of our brain, think of it as a CrossFit workout for our grey matter. My advice, start small, I don’t have the patience or the space for anything over 1000 pieces, the added bonus is getting the thrill of putting in the last piece twice as often.

Getting your children excited about puzzles, not only teaches them about shape recognition, and hand-eye coordination.  They also learn about setting goals, patience and helps young minds stay focused.

Chill out and grab a puzzle and embrace your inner dissectologist (that’s a puzzle geek to you and me).