Why You Should Colour More

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It's true; colouring just isn't as popular as it used to be anymore. Read this blog post from our friends at Tinc and you may become colouring addicts! Check their selection of awesome colouring and fun pencils at the end of this article.


Here at Tinc Towers, colouring is one of our favourite past times, and it's why our colouring pencils are some of our most beloved Tinc gifts.

So, why should you start colouring more?

1. A Digital Detox

Society is obsessed with their mobile phones. While they're great for staying in touch, learning new things and shopping, it's also good to take a break from the blue screen and focus your eyes on something else. That's where colouring comes in! Not only are you not looking at a screen anymore, you're also using different motor skills that you may not use when using your phone. It engages your brain when you concentrate, and it gets the blood pumping back into your arms - and not just your fingers!

Colouring Book for Kids - Tinc

2. Stress Relief

Be it school, work, or just the dramas of life, stopping and taking a breather is very important. Psychologists have found that colouring and drawing has enormous benefits on a person's mental health, including calming anxiety. Having a zen moment with your art and colouring is sometimes all that you need to make you feel like you again.

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Letter writing and note taking can also organise your thoughts and help you focus!

3. Improve Sleep

Colouring is a great way to wind down at the end of a busy day. We know it helps stress, but did you know it can also make you feel sleepy at the right time? Colouring, doodling and drawing before bed helps slow everything down, removes distraction, and gets your body and brain ready for bed. 

4. Improve Focus

With so many distractions, focusing on one task is good for the brain to regroup and look at what's important. Psychologists say colouring opens up the 'frontal lobe' of your brain. The frontal lobe controls organising and problem solving, so when you colour, you're freeing your mind up, which will make it easier to organise for everything else you need to do!

Colouring Books for kids - Tinc

5. It's fun!

There's a reason there's an adult colouring craze and why kids still love getting a brand new set of colouring pencils. It's fun! It's portable, easy to store away, and not as messy as you might think. We've found that our customers' favourite past times is colouring and drawing with their tiny tincs!

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